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Department of Anesthesiology

Contents of medical treatment

In the Department of Anesthesiology, anesthesiologists having special knowledge and their residents perform general anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, and spinal anesthesia etc. for patients who have an operation. We also perform preoperative medical examinations and a pain clinic as an outpatient service.

Fields of specialty

Pain clinic (treatment for pain), a nerve blocking method, pharmacotherapy, electric stimulation therapy, laser therapy, oriental medicine therapy, physiotherapy, and inpatient treatment as necessary.

Characteristics of our medical practice and skilled treatment

We evaluate a patient’s physical status in a preoperative medical examination and consider any required additional examinations and our treatment plan which is required before a surgical operation.
We grasp a patient’s physical status and control it so that an operation can be performed and a postoperative complication will not develop.
In order to relieve postoperative pain as much as possible, we utilize our special knowledge of anesthesia.
Using our anesthetic expertise, we treat patients’ pain in the pain clinic.
There is “palliative care” available as terminal care.

Annual number of cases managed in the Department of Anesthesiology

2009 2010 2011 2012
4556 cases 4673 cases 4624 cases 4952 cases