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Department of Dental Surgery

Contents of medical treatment

Dental surgery is simply a field specialized to maintain or recover functions related to chewing, swallowing, and articulation etc.
More specifically, our clinical department performs treatments for various disorders developed in the mouth or its surrounding tissue and are difficult to be handled in an ordinary dental clinic. ?
In our department, we treat various disorders of the tooth, periodontium, jawbone, and maxillofacial area, including extraction of a tooth, injury, inflammation, cyst, and tumor etc.
We make the difference clear between our role and a general dental practitioner’s role, as a general rule, we don’t perform treatments for dental caries, pyorrhea alveolaris, and dentures etc., which are treatable in a general dental clinic, with exceptions for a sick person or a person with a mental or physical handicap, and we focus on oral surgical disease.

Fields of specialty

Inflammation, cyst, and tumors of the jaw and in the oral cavity, cheilognathouranoschisis, maxillo-facial injury, surgical correction of maxillofacial skeletal deformities, surgery related to tooth and periodontium, oral implant, disorders related to the oral mucous membrane, salivary gland, and jaw joint and oral psychosomatic disorder.