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Department of Dermatology

Contents of medical treatment

A picture of an operation

The entire body surface, from the tip of the head (hair) to the tiptoe (nail), is dermatology’s territory.

In our department, we mainly perform treatment for systemic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, connective tissue disease, and psoriasis vulgaris etc., and skin diseases that require surgical operation including skin tumors, birthmarks, and the like.

A part of the medical practice of chemical peeling, Botox and laser treatment is at one's own expense. It requires a letter of referral and reservation.
Skin cancer treatment using phenol is only available with reservation at one's private expense. First, an outpatient visit is required on a Wednesday (must have a letter of referral).

Fields of specialty

Atopic dermatitis, connective tissue disease, surgery of benign and malignant skin tumors, cosmetic dermatology (chemical peeling and Botox), laser treatment, ultraviolet treatment, psoriasis, and alopecia

Regarding treatment of tattoos

When you are interested in treatment of a tattoo, please contact the Miyazaki clinic (073-431-7391).
Treatment is available at one’s own expense. Please directly call the above phone number and ask about the medical examination method.