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Department of Neuropsychiatry

Contents of medical treatment

Our fundamental medical care policy is to understand a patient’s distress and anguish and to resolve the problem together with the patient. In our department, we practice a wide range of medical care, from primary care to highly specialized medical services. Medical conditions that are our focus are general mental disorders including schizophrenia and mood disorders (depression and manic depressive illness). Furthermore, we are positively involved in mental health activities as primary prevention.

Characteristics of diagnosis and treatment

In our department, we always aim to perform a physical approach together with a psychological approach. We actively perform head MRI and CT, electroencephalography and other clinical examinations and use the obtained results for diagnosis and treatment.
We have 40 beds in our mental ward and 1 bed in our general ward as an inpatient facility. We mainly admit a patient with mild depression, neurosis, or insomnia in the general ward, let him/her rest under a low stress condition and perform sufficient pharmacotherapy. On the other hand, our department positively admits mental patients with a physical complication to the hospital for the purpose of examination and treatment.

Introduction of the specialized outpatient clinic

The outpatient clinic for convulsion is mainly targeted towards adult intractable epilepsy, and medical examination of outpatients is available on Wednesday.
Regarding dementia and senile insanity, as a general rule, please visit a dementia medical center.